Tuesday, October 18, 2005


the light of day is fading away leading into the darkness. the lights of the building of pondside II shine brightly in the cold night air. a puff of smoke floats up to eye level. i'm not sure if it's really this cold or it's the cigarette that lies between my lips. i take a drag still moving forward along the path home. singing quietly to myself i think why does my inspiration hit me only on this lonely walk back. the song that imhabits my brain being of my own creation. i enjoy it and quickly forget as i move onto another verse. campus safety crawls by in the impala. i look back and forth suspiciously. will they stop. i take a drag, look at the ground, and stare again. i guess i'm not sketchy enought to be stopped...thats good. the gym parking lot another cold and lonely place. columns of steam rising into the night sky. i realize that i am the only one here. the lights of keene, the cold pavement, and me. this place is a ghost town at night. they do everything but roll up the sidewalks it seems. i laught to myself. i feel safer walking through the ghetto of my home town than in this small new hampshire city. i kinda wish i knew why. carle approaches almost home, the stoop, where i spent most of my time last semester, a distant memory of times long past. i grasp my keys and head for the door. i push the key into the lock and open it quickly to get out of the cold. walk to my room.. the door is locked for some reason unknown to me for the sounds of a small party are inside. i turn the key and enter..


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